Scheduled Dates

6/21/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu
6/28/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu
7/5/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu
7/12/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu
7/19/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu
7/26/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu
8/2/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu
8/9/2018 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM Thu

This event has ended and is no longer available for new enrollments.

Introduction to Jazz Theory

Dates: 6/21/2018 to 8/9/2018
Schedule: Th 07:05 PM - 07:55 PM

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Located in : Mission Branch , Room 9
Instructor: Jonathan Kornfeld

Regular Student: $256.00

This is an introduction to some of the basic elements of jazz, including: chords and chord symbols, lead sheet notation, typical chord progressions, melodic construction, forms, and improvisation using scales, modes and other devices. The class will culminate in the composition of a song in the jazz standard style.

Ages: Teens, adults

Instruments: Any (none used in class)

Familiarity with an intermediate level of music theory and notation
approximately equivalent to Music Theory I. Students are encouraged to
communicate with Jono ahead of time about their prior experience.

There is no required text for this class. Handouts and online links will be
provided. There will be weekly reading and written assignments.

Additional Information

Age Range:  13  -  & UP


Class not yet open to registrations