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9/5/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
9/12/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
9/19/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
9/26/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
10/3/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
10/10/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
10/17/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
10/24/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
10/31/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
11/7/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
11/14/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
11/21/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
12/5/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM
12/12/2019   07:55 PM  08:45 PM

Music Theory II

Dates: 9/5/2019 to 12/19/2019
Schedule: Th 07:55 PM - 08:45 PM

There will be no class held on
11/28, 12/19
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Located in : Mission Branch , 009 Room 9
Instructor: Jonathan Kornfeld

Regular Student: $469.00

This class continues the work begun in Music Theory I and follows the same format. Topics will include chord inversions, 7th chords, melody construction, combining melody and harmony, simple structures and forms as they relate to all styles of music. Materials designed specifically for this course are free and available for download online, including Jono Kornfeld's book "Music Theory and Notation for Intelligent Beginners."

Instruments: Any (none used in class)
Styles of music studied: Various
Prerequisites: Familiarity with music notation and music theory at a level comparable with Music Theory I and/or instructor’s consent

Please note: Alternate quarters with Music Theory III and/or Music Theory: Variable Topics, depending on enrollment. Contact the registration office (415-647-6015) or the instructor to confirm the schedule.

Additional Information

Community Music Center Policies

Quarter Policy: CMC works on a quarter system, where students sign up for lessons on the same day and time each week for the whole quarter.

Attendance Policy: Students pay tuition for the full quarter regardless of their attendance. Students must notify the registrar before any absence, but this does not exempt the student from payment. CMC does not give make ups or credits for student absences..

Payment Policy: Full payment is due at the time of registration. Continuing students who register by paying a $25 deposit should pay their full tuition online prior to the first lesson. In case of financial hardship, installment payment plans may be worked out with the registrar. The best way to make your payment is online.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: The final deadline for all cancellations is 24 hours prior to the second lesson/class of the quarter. A partial refund, minus the first lesson/class cost plus the registration fee, may be given if the student notifies the registrar of a cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the second lesson/class. If the registrar is not notified at least 24 hours prior to the second lesson/class, the student is responsible for the full quarter’s tuition. These policies and charges apply regardless of your method of registration -- whether through an in-person appointment, online, or using a $25 deposit to re-enroll.

Age Range:  14  -  & UP


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